Dr Rashel – 2+1 Argan Hair Oil with Keratin

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Dr Rashel – 2+1 Argan Hair Oil with Keratin

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What it is:

Dr Rashel – 2+1 Argan Hair Oil with Keratin nourishes and repairs weak hair. It makes hair strong and shiny.


What it does:

Dr-Rashel have developed this  hair oil with keratin composition, Strengthening and nourishing the hair also contains argan oil that helps to nourish the scalp and prevents dandruff, and helps to strengthen hair and giving it a dazzling shine. Discover Dr-Rashel hair oil composition nourishes your hair with natural oils which protect Alerted and drought and give it the color a rich of shining and gain.Health and vitality.

The benefits of keratin :  Nourishes the hair from the roots up sides. Give hair shine and luster.

 The Benefits Of Argan : Hair repair. Soften the hair. Dr-Rashel had developed that oil, which contains keratin composition, that helps nourish hair from seated to the parties, and prevents hair loss, and the abstract gold atoms help to give the hair shine and luster, and eliminates dandruff.


How To Use : Massage your hair with Dr-Rashel oil gently and uniformly up to the scalp. We will get strong hair loose.



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Its my first time with vitamin C series...amazing experience love it ......❤

Zarin K.

Vitamin C series Kit is very useful

Mohsinullah M.

Highly Recommended

Amna K.

Awesome results

Shabbir A.
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